Private Tour Guide in Sri Lanka

Discover the ancient city of Polonnaruwa

Embark on a captivating voyage through time as you discover the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka. Once the thriving second capital of the island, Polonnaruwa today stands as a mesmerizing archaeological treasure trove. Furthermore, it offers a profound glimpse into the island’s illustrious past.

Wander through the well-preserved ruins of Polonnaruwa, where ancient stupas, intricately carved statues, and remnants of royal palaces transport you to a bygone era. Additionally, marvel at the grandeur of the Gal Vihara, a collection of colossal Buddha statues, each meticulously carved from a single granite rock. The intricacy and elegance of these sculptures are a testament to the advanced craftsmanship of the ancient Sri Lankan artisans.

Explore the Royal Palace complex, where the intricately designed Audience Hall and the Quadrangle showcase the architectural brilliance of the Polonnaruwa kingdom. The Parakrama Samudra, a colossal reservoir built to support agriculture, stands as a testament to the sophisticated irrigation systems employed by the ancient Sri Lankans.

As you meander through the city’s archaeological park, encounter the awe-inspiring structures like the Rankoth Vehera and Lankatilaka Temple, each narrating stories of religious devotion and cultural splendor.

The ambiance of Polonnaruwa transcends time, allowing visitors to envision the once-thriving city with its bustling markets, majestic palaces, and vibrant temples. The harmony between nature and human ingenuity in Polonnaruwa creates an enchanting atmosphere that resonates with history and echoes the legacy of a remarkable civilization. To explore Polonnaruwa is to take a profound journey into the heart of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, discovering the architectural and artistic marvels that define this ancient city.